Buy clothes for eight summer events

  If you enjoy a special occasion this summer, you may find that custom short sleeve shirts or other custom clothing options are the perfect way to add extra special touch to your event. Here are many summer events where custom clothing can make a difference and make sure the experience is more exciting and

The Six Critical Beach Sun Safety Tips For Children

Summer time is a wonderful time fro children to play on the beach. For a parent to keep their kids safe on the beach there are a few rules to remember. The first thing to remember is sun safety. We are becoming more aware of the increasing rate of Skin Cancer in the world, so

What is vaccination against meningitis? – And what is its importance and ease in protecting our children?

What is meningitis and when is a meningitis vaccination needed? These questions literally wake full-grown adult parents up from a dead sleep. In towns and counties-even cities-and all over the United States, meningitis is rearing its ugly head. How do we defeat the threat of our children becoming infected with this most devastating and potentially

The unique Bio-ecological choice is Organic cotton baby clothes

Cotton may be one of the most versatile crops in the world, but with the amount of pesticides and insecticides (over 25% of the worlds total usage) involved in their production it can also be said that cotton is the most toxic crop in the world. It takes roughly one pound of synthetic fertilizers and

If we want to look back to our childhood, the best and most enjoyable things that can be started is “baby clothes”.

If we want to look back to our childhood, the best and most enjoyable things that can be started is “baby clothes”.   Almost everyone is fascinated by baby clothes especially those for Infants, In the sixteenth century the clothes worn by children (both male and female) were of a single nature and lacked sexual

3 reasons why your baby may be fussing and how to soothe them

Babies are a bundle of joy, and while they can often be a lot of fun and absolutely adorable, there always comes that uncomfortable moment where they are simply inconsolable. Unlike adults, there are not only unable to communicate the reason for their discomfort but are also unable to help themselves out of whatever may